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May 16, 2009

For Immediate Release


By Joan C. McKinney, news and publications coordinator

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. –– Campbellsville University awarded Excellence in Teaching Awards to 145 educators from across Kentucky during the 23rd annual awards program Saturday, May 16, in the Winters Dining Hall of the E. Bruce Heilman Student Complex on the Campbellsville University campus.

John Chowning, vice president for church and external relations and executive assistant to the president, gave the welcome and opening remarks. He congratulated the teachers for their achievements and said, “We are honored and humbled to honor you today.”

He said the School of Education is among the finest and oldest at Campbellsville University. “We are proud to have alumni teach in Kentucky and all over the world. You have a very challenging and important profession, and we have a great respect for the profession of education, which is a noble profession.”

He said Campbellsville University has had 18th consecutive semesters of record enrollment and offers 43 undergraduate programs of study, 15 master’s degrees and four post-graduate programs including Rank I.

He said CU was ranked 22nd for the last two years by U.S.News & World Report as among America’s “Best Baccalaureate Colleges.”

Dr. Brenda Priddy, dean of the School of Education, said it was a “delight” to have the teachers and their colleagues and families on campus. She said the new School of Education building is just about ready, and she invited the teachers to come see the new building later in the summer.

“Teachers who we honor today shape our children and youth who will serve in respectable professions,” she said. She said the theme for the event was “Teaching is the profession that creates all others,” and she firmly believes that is true.

She told the teachers that CU has received a $25,000 grant for the summer for a Future Educators of America Camp. The week-long free camp is for juniors and seniors and is a “great way to learn the profession of teaching.” Those interested can contact Dr. Donna Irwin, associate professor of education, at

Dave Walters, vice president for admissions and student services, gave the invocation before the meal, and he thanked all the teachers on the behalf of parents for the job they do with their children and grandchildren.

The CU Trio provided music for the event.

Dr. Brenda A. Priddy, dean of the School of Education, and Benji Kelly, vice president for development, presented the awards. The teachers represent 57 school districts.

The purpose of the Excellence in Teaching Awards Program is to recognize the quality of teaching taking place in the school systems throughout Kentucky. The program was begun in 1987 by Campbellsville University with assistance from Earl Aaron and the Ward, Cundiff and Aaron Memorial Fund at the university.


Through the awards program, Campbellsville University presents awards to teachers in each grade level (elementary [P-5], middle [6-8] and high school [9-12]) as selected by their school district. Since the program’s inception, 2,368 teachers have been honored by their colleagues.

The Excellence in Teaching Awards program is in partnership with Lexington’s CBS-affiliate, WKYT-TV.

The Excellence in Teaching Award recipients include the following with

their superintendent listed first:

Adair County School System – Darrell Treece, superintendent; Beth G. Ellison, Adair County Elementary School, a 1997 CU alumna; Sherry L. Cook, Adair County Elementary/Middle School, a 1986 CU alumna; and Debra L. Wimmer, Adair County High School;

Anderson County School System – Kim Shaw, superintendent; Glenda Dawn

Royalty, Early Childhood Center; Kevin D. Ray, Anderson County Middle

School, a 2002, 2004 and 2007 CU alumnus; and Laura Roche Youngworth,

Anderson County High School;

Augusta Independent School System – John A. Cordle, superintendent; Teresa Dawn Underwood-Calandra, Augusta High School; Brandi Rene Applegate, Augusta  Elementary School; and Chad Matthew Bryant, Augusta Middle School;

Barren County School System – Dr. Jerry W. Ralston, superintendent; Cynthia S. Wilson, Temple Hill Elementary School; Susan Renee Hammer, Barren County Middle School; and Susan Mary Prieskorn, Barren County High School;

Bath County School System – Nancy Hutchinson, superintendent; Amy Melissa Rushing, Bethel Elementary School; Leslie C. Roberts, Bath County Middle School; and Elizabeth Whitney Groves, Bath County High School;

Bell County School System – George W. Thompson, superintendent; Katrina Denise Brock, Bell Central School Center; Nanita R. Morgan, Bell County High School; and Julia Burgan, Right Fork School Center;

Blue Grass Baptist School System – Philip Wayne Ritchey, principal; Brian L. Bowles, Blue Grass Baptist School; Michele Leslie Searcy, Blue Grass Baptist School; and Dewana S. Robinson, Blue Grass Baptist School;

Bourbon County School System – Lana S. Fryman, superintendent; Karen D. Johnson, Bourbon County Elementary School; and Scott Alan Cahill, Bourbon County Middle School;

Bowling Green Independent School System – Joe Tinius, superintendent; Robin Darlene Cornelius, Dishman-McGinnis Elementary School; Randi Flanary Womack, Bowling Green Junior High School; and Gambia Renee Flemister, Bowling Green High School;

Boyd County School System – Howard K. Osborne, superintendent; Nola Michelle Holbrook, Boyd County Middle School; Carl D. Taylor, Boyd County Middle School; and Stephanie Lynne Mullins, Ponderosa Elementary School;

Boyle County School System – Steve Burkich, superintendent; Amanda Pennock Godbey, Junction City Elementary School; Julie Ann Harris, Boyle County Middle School; and Susan Louis Michael, Boyle County High School;

Bullitt County School System – Keith Davis, superintendent; Emily Rebekah Hurst, Shepherdsville Elementary School, a 2003 and 2006 CU alumna; Stephanie E. Carver, Mt. Washington Middle School; and Kristy Lynn Tinelli, Bullitt East High School;

Burgin Independent School System – Richard W. Webb, superintendent; Amy Denise Robbins, Burgin Elementary School; and Marian “Mimi” Becker, Burgin Middle School;

Campbellsville Independent School System – Diane Woods-Ayers, superintendent; Cynthia Gayle Crowder, Campbellsville Elementary School, a 1990 and 1994 CU alumna; Steven M. Gumm, Campbellsville Middle School, a 2007 CU alumnus; and Javier Cascos Lopez, Campbellsville High School;

Casey County School System – Linda W. Hatter, superintendent; Christopher M. Long, Casey County Middle School; Virginia A. Rubarts, Casey County High School;

Clark County School System – Dr. Ed Musgrove, superintendent; Jan Vaughn Horn, Shearer Elementary School;

Danville Independent School System – Robert E. Rowland, superintendent; Jeffrey S. Gulle, Bate Middle School;

Daviess County School System – Tom D. Shelton, superintendent; Sara Jean Appleby, Daviess County Middle School; Pamela Kaye Thompson, Tamarack Elementary School; and Gary L. Edmondson, Apollo High School;

Elizabethtown Independent School System – Dr. Jayne Risen Morgenthal, superintendent; Eric Holmes Allen, T.K. Stone Middle School; Tabitha H. Kerr, Valley View Education Center, a 1996 CU alumna; and Carla J. Kuhn, Helmwood Heights Elementary School;

Fort Knox Community School System – Todd Curkendall, superintendent; Joi Dawn Cochran, Van Voorhis Elementary School; and Betty Brandenburg Yundt, Walker Intermediate School;

Garrard County School System – Ray Woolsey, superintendent; Beth B. Teague, Lancaster Elementary School; Kimberly Lynne Young, Garrard Middle School; and Lothar Christian Baumann, Garrard County High School;

Glasgow Independent School System – Kathy E. Goff, superintendent; Heather Marion Johnson, Glasgow Middle School; John Settle Polson, Glasgow High School;

Green County School System – Marshall Lowe, superintendent; Lynne Klingeman Givens, Green County High School;

Hardin County School System – Nannette S. Johnston, superintendent; Kermit K. Olive, Lakewood Elementary School;  and Tonya Daniel Vowels, North Hardin High School;

Hart County School System – Ricky D. Line, superintendent; Sarah Kathryn Vetter, Memorial Elementary School; D. Cara Cox, Cub Run Elementary School; and Lori Beth Chaney, Hart County High School;

Jessamine County School System – Lu S. Young, superintendent; Emma Anissa Marcum, Jessamine Early Learning Village; Linda Sue Gallutia, West Jessamine Middle School; and Christine L. Orear, East Jessamine High School;

Kentucky Christian School System – David Nunery, Chair, Board of Trustees; Tammy L. Snyder, Kentucky Christian School;


Knox County School System – Walter T. Hulett, superintendent; Cynthia A. Carter, G.R. Hampton Elementary School; Deborah Bingham Stewart, Lynn Camp Middle-High School; and Jason Daniel Jordan, Knox County Middle School;

LaRue County School System – Sam D. Sanders, superintendent; Lisa Thomas Hawkins, Abraham Lincoln Elementary School; Dana Stearman Sprowles, LaRue County Middle School; and Benjamin J. Schell, LaRue County High School;

Laurel County School System – David M. Young, superintendent; Frank Edward Wilkerson, North Laurel Middle School; the late Carmelia Carol Jackson, South Laurel High School, posthumously; and Carol Sams, Camp Ground Elementary School;

Letcher County School System – Anna C. Craft, superintendent; Stacy Lynn Isaac, Martha Jane Potter Elementary School; and Karen Regina Donour, Letcher County Central High School;

Lincoln County School System – Larry Woods, superintendent; James Clay Carrier, McKinney Elementary School; Daveida Carol Smith, Lincoln County Middle School; and Kristen Gentry Story, Lincoln County High School;

Madison County School System – Thomas G. Floyd, superintendent; Mary Carole Tate, Daniel Boone Elementary School; Judy W. Winkler, Clark-Moores Middle School; and Alison Elaine Fox, Madison Central High School;


Marion County School System – Roger L. Marcum, superintendent; Gayla P. Kelly, West Marion Elementary School, a 1989 CU alumna; Ellen Mattingly McFall, St. Charles Middle School, who attended CU in 1984-86; and Carol Stayton, Marion County High School, a 1999 and 2008 CU alumna;

Marshall County School System – Trent Alan Lovett, superintendent; Jenny Darnall, Marshall County High School; and DeVona K. Rosa, South Marshall Elementary School;

Mercer County School System – Ronald “Sonny” Fentress, superintendent; Karen M. M. Pridey, Fifth Grade Academy; Ann Nolan Yeager, Kenneth D. King Middle School; and William “Bill” Smith Jr., Ninth Grade Academy;

Metcalfe County School System – Patricia Hurt, superintendent; Cindy Garrett, Edmonton Elementary School; Cheryl B. Stephens, Metcalfe County Middle School; and Justin Douglas Smith, Metcalfe County High School, a 2002 CU alumnus;

Middlesboro Independent School System – Darryl Wilder, superintendent; Judith B. Hamilton, Middlesboro Primary School; Wendy Ann Daniels Pillion, Middlesboro Middle School; and Elizabeth Welch Edwards, Middlesboro High School;

Montgomery County School System – Dr. Daniel Freeman, superintendent; Donna Lynn Caskey, Mapleton Elementary School;

Nelson County School System – Dr. Janice O. Lantz, superintendent; Tammy Jean Hale, Bloomfield Elementary School, a 1987 CU alumna; Jana Reed Osborne, Boston Middle School; and Rhonda M. Bellamy-Horn, Nelson County High School;

Owensboro Independent School System – Dr. Larry D. Vick, superintendent; Leigh Ann Crume, Owensboro High School;

Paris Independent School System – Janice Cox Blackburn, superintendent; Janet L. Butler, Paris Elementary School; and Philip Andrew Grigson, Paris High School;

Pendleton County School System – J. Robert Yost, superintendent; Kerry S. Conrad, Phillip A. Sharp Middle School; Janice Gale Polley, Northern Elementary School; and Angel Sudberry, Pendleton County High School;

Perry County School System – John Paul Amis, superintendent; Olivia Yvonne Combs, Burkhorn Elementary School; Anita Hamilton, Big Creek Elementary/Middle School; and Paula Von Boggs, Buckhorn High School, a 2005 CU alumna;

Pineville Independent School System – Michael D. White, superintendent; Lori Tuttle, Pineville Elementary School; and Matthew Robert Shafer, Pineville High School;

Pulaski County School System – Timothy J. Eaton, superintendent; Michael Shon Gregg, Southern Elementary School; Donna Lynn Collins, Northern Middle School; and Michelle R. Sadler, Southwestern High School;

Rockcastle County School System – Larry B. Hammond, superintendent; Kathy Price, Mt. Vernon Elementary School; Theresa Glovak Davis, Rockcastle County Middle School; and Lesley Maggard Buckner, Rockcastle County High School;

Science Hill Independent School System – Rick E. Walker, superintendent; Jessica Dawn Blevins, Science Hill Elementary School; and Hanna Lore Young, Science Hill Middle School;

Scott County School System – Patricia A. Putty, superintendent; Kellie Nicole Moses, Garth Elementary School; Traci O’Roark Mahone, Royal Spring Middle School; and Kimberly Sue Kyle, Scott County High School;

Silver Grove Independent Schools – Danny Montgomery, superintendent; Kimberly S. Harden, Silver Grove Elementary School; Laura A. Coleman, Silver Grove Middle School; and Denise Marie Huninghake, Silver Grove High School;

Simpson County School System – James S. Flynn, superintendent; Beth Ann Chaney, Simpson Elementary School; and Joanna Caroline Begley-Lindsey, Franklin-Simpson Middle School;

Somerset Independent School System – Dr. Teresa Wallace, superintendent; Gina Ann Wilson, Hopkins Elementary School; Jennifer Ann Mink, Meece Middle School; and Sara D. Cobb, Somerset High School;

Spencer County School System – Charles O. Adams, superintendent; Joshua Emden Seabolt, Taylorsville Elementary School; Michelle Lynn Gross, Spencer County Middle School; and Rebecca Copass Miller, Spencer County High School;

Taylor County School System – Gary N. Seaborne, superintendent; Ema Lu Hardesty, Taylor County Elementary School; Troy Lee Benningfield, Taylor County High School, a 2001 CU alumnus; and Melissa Ann Laymance, Taylor County Middle School, a 1994 and 2001 CU alumna;

Warren County School System – E. Dale Brown, superintendent; Carolyn Harper Gifford, Alvaton Elementary School;

Washington County School System – Robert S. Stafford, superintendent; Delanna Lynn Hardin, North Washington Elementary School, a 2005 CU alumna; Sherry Helton Sims, North Washington Middle School; and Donna R. Remington, Washington County High School;

Wayne County School System – John T. Dalton, superintendent; Linda Martin, Walker Elementary School; Melissa Kaye Gossage, Wayne County Middle School; and Treba Louise McFall, Wayne County High School.


The 2009 Excellence in Teaching committee includes: Dr. Frank Cheatham, vice president for academic affairs; Shannon Clark, director of alumni relations; Bettye MacFarland, secretary for the School of Education; Joan McKinney, news and publications coordinator; Dr. Brenda A. Priddy, dean of the School of Education; Dr. Robert VanEst, associate professor of education; Kellie Vaughn, secretary to the president; Linda Waggener, marketing and media relations coordinator; and Connie Wilson, academic coordinator, along with School of Education staff including Gwen Sampson and Alice Steele.

 Campbellsville University is a private, comprehensive institution located in South Central Kentucky. Founded in 1906, Campbellsville University is affiliated with the Kentucky Baptist Convention and has an enrollment of 2,601 students who represent 93 Kentucky counties, 27 states and 31 foreign nations. Listed in U.S.News & World Report’s 2009 “America’s Best Colleges,” CU is ranked 22nd in “Best Baccalaureate Colleges” in the South for the second consecutive year. CU has been ranked 16 consecutive years with U.S.News & World Report. The university has also been named to America’s Best Christian Colleges®. Campbellsville University is located 82 miles southwest of Lexington, Ky., and 80 miles southeast of Louisville, Ky. Dr. Michael V. Carter is in his tenth year as president.